Narrative therapy stands out as a compassionate approach to psychotherapy because of how it includes the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. It challenges you to separate yourself from you and view your story from a third person’s perspective. It works on the belief that our identities are shaped by these narratives, which can be rewritten for a more empowered and positive self-view. As a dedicated virtual psychotherapist in Ontario, I guide you on a journey to uncover and reshape the stories that define you. 

Think of me as a helping hand to author a future where you are in control. Together, we will explore your life's narrative, identify the themes that hold you back, and rewrite the script to support your growth and happiness.

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How Does Narrative Therapy Work?

In our first session, you and I will identify the narratives that dominate your life, which could be stories you’ve internalised about your worth, abilities, or place in the world. Often, these narratives are limiting and negative and shaped by past experiences or societal messages.

In our following sessions, you’ll learn to view these stories with a critical eye and question their accuracy and helpfulness. I’ll introduce techniques to help you detach from unhelpful narratives and begin crafting new ones that are more aligned with your desired self-image and goals. You will be pushed to explore alternative perspectives, find new admiration for your strengths and achievements, and take steps to build a life where you control the narrative. 

Since you are unlearning and relearning information about you, you might feel drained after a therapy session. So, surround yourself with things that bring you comfort, enjoy a self-care activity, or treat yourself to your favourite coffee.  

What Can Narrative Therapy Help With?

Narrative therapy is a versatile tool used for a range of mental health issues including trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, and depression. Here’s how: 

  • Overcome past traumas
  • Deal with anxiety and depression
  • Change old, sometimes toxic views about yourself
  • Navigate life transitions and challenges
  • Resolve relationship conflicts
  • Improve self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Foster a sense of empowerment and agency
  • Cultivate a positive and hopeful outlook on life

I’m here to support your healing journey. Take the first step today. 

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Jennifer Pinto
Registered social worker, MSW, RSW