Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of psychotherapy that encourages you to embrace your thoughts and feelings rather than fighting or feeling guilty about them. Unlike traditional cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing or challenging thoughts, ACT teaches you to accept your responses as valid, no matter how uncomfortable. 

Developed by psychologist Steven C Hayes, ACT operates on the belief that trying to control painful emotions or psychological experiences often leads to increased distress and a failure to live life fully. 

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How Does Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Work?

ACT helps you build psychological flexibility using six core processes: cognitive defusion, acceptance, contact with the present moment, observing the self, values, and committed action. Your licensed therapist will employ them to help you create a mental environment where you can commit to actions that align with your values and develop more adaptive ways to handle life’s challenges.

It also emphasizes being present and creating a non-judgemental contact with physical and psychological experiences as they occur. My goal as your online therapist in Toronto will be to help you not get caught up in your reactions to experiences, but instead engage more fully with your life. 

In between sessions, I will give you mindfulness exercises to help you feel grounded and enjoy the present. 5-4-3-2-1 method, mindful breathing, body scan technique, and walking meditation are some of them. 

What Can Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Help With?

People who have engaged in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy felt empowered afterwards. They feel more connected with their true self and look forward to connecting with their deeper goals. It can help people with: 

  • Work-related stress
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Substance abuse disorders 
  • Phobias or irrational fear 
  • Need help with creating a more purpose-driven life 

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Jennifer Pinto
Registered social worker, MSW, RSW