Attachment therapy is a therapeutic approach focused on nurturing healthy connections between individuals, particularly between caregivers and children. It focuses on the importance of secure attachments and their impact on emotional well-being and resilience. 

As an online psychotherapist in Ontario, I believe in creating a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their emotions and relationships freely. During the session, I use techniques such as Techniques such as play therapy, expressive arts, and parent-child interactions to help you strengthen bonds, form deeper connections, and flourish emotionally.

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How Does Attachment Therapy Work?

With forming deep-rooted bonds as the main focus, attachment therapy is a safe way to explore their emotions and relational dynamics openly. There are a few different approaches, which are often combined to address different underlying stressors. 

Play therapy is frequently used, particularly with younger clients such as children. Through play, therapists observe how children interact with toys and ask questions to understand their emotions. Over subsequent sessions, children become more comfortable expressing their feelings. 

Art therapy is another way to express and process emotions. Their use of colours and drawings will give the therapist an insight into their mind. I also use role-play and activities with parents and children to improve family relationships and build trust.

What Can Attachment Therapy Help With?

Attachment therapy helps you uncover the reasons that prevent you from building a strong bond. It can help you: 

  • Build trust and security in relationships
  • Heal from past trauma or neglect
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Better communication and emotional expression
  • Resolve attachment-related issues such as separation anxiety or attachment disorders

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Jennifer Pinto
Registered social worker, MSW, RSW